Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday:Pin It to Win It from Layla Grayce

So, Layla Grayce just opened a contest for a entry or foyer using pinned items via pinterest. I had a little fun in publisher and decided to add it for my very first Top Ten Tuesday post. Here goes...


1. Love the 'upside-down' view of this lighting

2. This mirror, for those last minute checks out the door...turned sideways to fit over...

3. this console

4. But I want the console in this color

5. And this rug (Oh! This rug! Gotta love Amy Butler...)

6. And this plate stand, I just love it...for my fancy mail

7. Such a pretty place to sit and put your shoes on just before rushing out the door...

8. And a clock to make sure you don't miss your Zumba class...

9. (& 10.) And this pair of doves

Full Disclosure:
I am not being paid to promote Layla Grayce or Pinterest, nor will viewing any of these affect the contest in anyway. Only one link (#4)goes to my pinterest page, and that also has zero effect on the contest. The remaining links do go to Layla Grayce so you can check out all the loveliness. I'm just having a little fun and procrastinating as usual.

Thanks to Oh!Amanda for inspiring me to finally make a top ten list. For more Top Ten Tuesday fun, go here.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Friday, August 5, 2011

(Hot!) Fudge Friday!

Inspired by this:

I made a peanut-free version today for the back to school luncheon for the teachers at one of local schools...

I used the simple directions from Baked Perfection, but adapted as follows:

1 box of your favorite brownie mix (I used Risa's suggestion of Ghiradelli, and it was perfect!)
1/2 cup (I didn't measure, I just took them straight out of the bag) semi-sweet chocolate chips
3/4 cup Hershey's hot fudge

After warming the hot fudge, I funneled it into one of those small plastic bottles with a small tip (you can find in baking section of walmart/hobby lobby/party city type stores) and filled the brownies this way.

I had a little fudge left in the bottle after my second batch, so I did a quick pass over the brownies just for fun.

Of course I had to sample one (or two) before sending the majority off to the luncheon, but if you need a quick and easy fudge/chocolate fix...this.is.it.

Thanks Risa for the inspiration!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Feeling a bit pirate-y? If you have children between the ages of 4-12, they can embark on a wonderful pirate adventure cruise shipping from the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World.

Our boys have gone on two of these adventures over the years and have had a blast both times.

The first adventure took place in late summer of 2006, when our two oldest were able to make the voyage. We surprised them with the trip and although at first they had no clue what to expect, they both came back with huge smiles on their faces afterward. They were about 7 & 5 years old at the time. Our second littlest did not make the age cutoff, but was surprised with a Mickey pirate bandanna of his own at the end of the trip. (Disney magic at its best!)

The second adventure took place just last summer, when all the boys fell in the age range (11,8, 6 and 4)to take part. A few minor changes (no more Mickey pirate ears!), but still a grand adventure for all. Since all four boys made it this time, we were able to do a monorail resort hop during their voyage and enjoyed a little shopping and quiet down time at the end of a very crazed week of park touring.

Now-ish (May 2010)

Then (Aug/Sept 2006)

And some other pics from both adventures...

Although there were a few changes in the pirate ship (good), pirate booty, and pirate attire...they were both grand experiences with memories for the boys that they will always remember!