Friday, March 6, 2009

So, you're going to Disney World?

After being asked by many friends recently what sites, books, tips, etc I'd recommend, I finally saved it all so I wouldn't have to re-type everything every month or so. Here is my little guide to get you started:

Walt Disney World Sites & Books

Websites: The online version of my Disney ‘bible’. Everything you ever wanted to know is on this site…rooms, pics, menus, everything. Great site that is very up to date. Also has a newsletter you can subscribe to. A site that lists upcoming deals and more. Newsletter is the best way to keep track of when the deals come out. Just what is says, boards site with Disney crazed people like myself, talking, asking and talking more. Great site to get answers and read others tips, ideas, and trip reports. & The first is a website associated with yahoo groups (what I like best. But it is a lot of emails, subscribe if you wish. ) The second is the travel agency that “sponsors” the group, but they are free to use! I have used them often and love the service. They will let you know if a new deal comes out and apply it to your vacation if they can. Highly recommend. Online tour guide planning. My favorite. He tells you how to avoid the crowds and plan each day. If you book through magic for less (see above) sometimes they have a deal where it will include this. A fairly new site (only in its second year) from Disney. You can ask a panel of moms any question about WDW.


-WDW Passporter (available online via their website for future discounts)
I consider the passporter my Disney ‘bible’, it is by far my favorite, and it has lots of info, worksheets to help plan, as well as pockets for souvenirs. I started with the spiral edition, and now have the deluxe, which is refillable.

-Birnbaum’s Official Guide (they also have one for kids)-great pictures and fun to read, keep in mind that since it is the ‘official’ guide, it is a bit biased, but I still love it. A must for any first timer.

-Unofficial guide to WDW- another book that I honestly have never looked at (other than the occasional glance at the bookstore), but it gets good reviews and a lot of friends do use it and like it. It has a touring plan in it as well (as does the Passporter)

-Hidden Mickey’s-although not a ‘guide’, just another fun book to tote around to the parks while waiting in lines…

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